General conditions of sale for online shopping


Giraudo Pietro Mobili s.a.s. with legal and administrative headquarters at Via Genova n°2 - 12100 Cuneo (CN) - regularly registered in the commercial register of Cuneo, P. Iva 01922590045.


These general conditions of sale are governed by the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. N. 206/2005 as amended) and the rules on electronic commerce (Legislative Decree no. No. 70/2003 as amended) and shall apply exclusively with distance selling via web of Products and Services. 

In case of variations in the General Conditions, the purchase order, the applicable General Conditions published on the site at the same time the Order by the customer.


All the prices of the products listed on the site are inclusive of  IVA. 

The expenses related to services provided by Giraudo furniture, as shown in the following articles of these General Conditions, shall be borne by the Customer and adequately detailed in the Purchase Order. 

The products and services you apply the price shown on the Website, at the time of 'sending the order, without any consideration of any offers or preceded the changes in price that occurred later.

3) ORDER (procedure Online Purchase) 

a) To conclude the purchase of you must fill in the Order Form Electronic Giraudo furniture.

b) The contract will be concluded between Giraudo furniture and the Customer at the time of receipt of the Order by Giraudo Furniture and payment or deposit. 

In this case Giraudo furniture shall acknowledge receipt of the Order by sending an e-mail order confirmation to the email address supplied by the customer. 

Confirmation that summarize the Products and Services selected, relative prices (including the cost of delivery and the additional costs related to additional services requested by the customer), the address for delivery, your order number, the Terms and Conditions therein and any special Conditions applicable to the individual order and determined pursuant to specific customer requirements. 

Giraudo furniture reminiscent of the customer to verify with the utmost care and attention to the correctness of the data contained in the Order Confirmation and notify Giraudo furniture within 24 (twenty four) hours of receipt of the same, any corrections. 

The order number reported by Giraudo furniture will be used by the Customer in any communication with Giraudo furniture. 

It 'possible that you will experience occasional unavailability of the products offered, in this case, if the Products are not chosen by the Customer, in whole or in part, provided, Giraudo furniture will notify the customer. 

As possible in the rare event that a product chosen by the buyer is not available at the time of purchase Giraudo furniture will reimburse the amount of the payment or advance. 

By sending the order form, the buyer agrees to comply with all Terms and Conditions listed on these pages.


The data for the invoice entered in the order form can only be changed until the issuance of the invoice.

Any amendment to the Order is possible as long as the product is entered into the production phase. If the product is already in production will no longer be possible changes.


Order Payment must be made when placing furniture in Giraudo Order.

Payment must be made by bank transfer or PayPal.

PayPal is a leader in online payments and you can use credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, American Express. 

The payment limit is €. 1500.00 (one thousand five hundred), for orders with total upper advise the Bank Transfer.

For reasons of security of transactions, Giraudo furniture reserves the right to require the submission of a copy of an identity document of the holder of the credit card.

Giraudo furniture will issue invoice for the Purchase Order, sending it via e-mail to the person holder of the Order. 

In the event that, within forty eight (48) hours after the confirmation of the Order, the holder of the Order not received such invoice by e-mail, the same may contact Giraudo Furniture by emailing or phoning the phone n ° 0171/346 542 

For the issuance of the invoice will prevail on the information provided by the customer. Giraudo Furniture therefore reminds the customer always check with the utmost attention, the accuracy of the information provided.

To use certain forms of payment details Giraudo Furniture reserves the right to apply an additional cost due to any fees required.


Shipping costs can be displayed by placing the item in your shopping cart.

-Dispatch "Transport Standard light" is at street level in the destinations that do not fall into the so-called Special Place ..

For shipments to the floor and the mounting service must request a quote for furniture Giraudo, through the Contract Form by inserting the products concerned, the address and plan where they must be delivered

-Giraudo Mobili always sends an email when the goods part from its stores.

-Giraudo Mobili reserves the right to charge any costs of storage and / or
of delivery to the customer (further details are available in section 8) mode of delivery.)

-The Times of production present in the product data sheets are flat rates based on statistics of orders previously processed.

The Times of production for products "made to measure or custom" vary between 2 (two) and seven (7) weeks.

-In the event that shipping times are determinants of the decision to purchase, Giraudo Mobili should contact Customer Service at n ° 0171/346 542.

-Deliveries in the periods so-called "peak" that is prior to the Christmas and summer holidays may be delayed also considerable.

The online catalog of  Giraudo Mobili is always up to date, it can rarely happen that a product is no longer available. In these cases Giraudo fMobili that will notify the customer may request a refund of the amount paid or to make changes to the Order.


a) Direct Withdrawal
E 'can pick up the goods in person, telephone notice, at the warehouses of furniture Giraudo sites: Via Genova n°2 - SS Cuneo Cuneo-Mondovi -12 100.
Phone: 0171/346 542. 

Delivery of goods ordered will vary depending on the product. On each product page shows the delivery times are counted from recevimento or advance payment agreed.

The timing related to production can vary from a few days (in the absence or excess) if the Customer need to receive the goods strictly within a specified date, Giraudo Mobili advised to contact the customer to verify their timing with the production .

b) Dispatch
Giraudo Mobili will make the delivery of care to specialized carriers specially assigned by Giraudo Mobili At the time of delivery is required the presence of the customer or a person you trust to make sure that the packaging is intact and that the products received match as shown on the Order. 

In case of visible defects, such as the amount of erroneous and / or incorrect product and not the integrity of the packaging,  Giraudo Mobili asks the customer or person in charge of his trust to make the reporting of these anomalies on the delivery of the courier charge, in detail with the words "subject to control GOODS fOR ... (eg damaged packaging, bruised, wet, etc.)" and contact Giraudo Mobiliat phone n ° 0171/346 542. 

Giraudo Mobili specifies that the goods will be replaced only if the transport document will show the damage, Giraudo Mobili asks the customer this attention because only through these reports on the shipping documents, Giraudo Mobili will be refunded by the carriers and thus will be able to replace the goods free of charge. 

If in case the goods were damaged in part only, the customer can return the damage on the freight bill and collect the goods. Giraudo Mobili will postpone the damaged parts in the shortest possible time.

a) Transportation Standard
At the time of placing the order will indicate the date of the alleged delivery. This date has a value indicative eslusivamente, therefore no responsibility can be attributed to Giraudo Mobili in the event of non-compliance of the same where the delivery takes place within 30 days of the Order (except custom work or products that require longer production times).

Delivery is at street level. At the time of collection by the courier will be sent a text message to the customer.

Subsequently, the customer will be contacted directly by the carrier to the day when the delivery will be made to communicate the time zone. In the absence of the customer in the day and time indicated by the carrier, Giraudo furniture will charge the customer the cost of the new delivery.

Most of our products are pre-assembled and easy to install.

For deliveries to the floor and assembly service the customer must ask for a quotation through the Form of Contract, specifying the products concerned, the address and the plan which will be delivered.

b) Transport by appointment
And 'deliveries can be arranged by appointment, requesting a quote on the Order Form.

Just in case:
     - the delivery is required in areas where the traffic is subject to limitations and / or prohibitions, including but not limited to, restricted traffic areas, areas which are restricted to vehicles, pedestrian zones, etc..;

     - the distance between the discharge point and the destination of the Products purchased property is greater than 100 (one hundred) meters;

     - property destination of the Products purchased is no lift, hoist, or at least a scale and / or gates with a scale and scope appropriate to the passage and the lifting of the Products;

will be charged to the Customer additional costs required for the above mentioned services. 

In order to have all the necessary information related to the costs of such additional services, the customer can contact Giraudo Mobili before sending the Purchase Order. 

After sending the Order, the Customer will be required to contact Giraudo Mobili always using the above-mentioned contact channels, to promptly inform Giraudo Mobili of the needs of these additional services and to proceed to the payment to be made by bank transfer. 

Giraudo Mobili signals to all its customers that in the event of failure prior information about the needs of these additional services, Giraudo Mobili may not be able to carry out, in the agreed schedule, the delivery of the Products, and may also have to make a second delivery, which will be fully charged to the customer. 

Also, in case of no prior information, Giraudo Mobili reserves as of now the right to charge the Customer for all related costs for additional services above and not previously reported.

With regard to the above mode of delivery as per letters. a), b) above, Giraudo Mobili will be exempt from any liability in case of delays caused by events, acts, events and circumstances unforeseeable at the time of the conclusion of individual contracts of purchase, which are inevitable and also outside the control of Giraudo Mobili (eg, strikes, riots, natural disasters, etc.)..

In such situations Giraudo Furniture promptly notify the customer a new period within which to fulfill delivery and will make every effort to fulfill all of its obligations as provided in the Purchase Agreement.

Returns the smaller islands or in foreign countries. 

If the destination of the goods is less an island or in a foreign country is expected to increase. Therefore, the customer is requested before submitting the order to request a quote by emailing or calling the n ° 0171/346 542. The prices vary according to the quantity of goods and from the island or the country in which you request the delivery


The staff of Giraudo Mobili is constantly working to update the pages on this site. 

At the same time the huge amount of content developed makes possible the existence of any inaccuracies. 

It is our responsibility to work for a daily increasing precision and level of detail, but it is also your responsibility to make sure of the accuracy of the details that were to be considered essential to its own satisfaction and to proceed with the purchase:         

as non-exhaustive examples the case of purchase of goods or completion of collections products already in possession (where the customer is required to check the compatibility and the matching color), goods with measures just below the space available

(where the customer is required to contact us for a dimensional inspection of the product and where appropriate advice on the criteria for taking measurements in the environment) or even the rare event of any Product Sheets that may bring conflicting information in different parts of the card (the customer is required to read the entire Product Sheet); 

in the case of Product Data Sheets which provide a "digital sampling" ( pictures of colors and finishes) the Customer is obliged to observe the Sample carefully to assess how a certain "definition" in the Product Schedule in respect of the materials results in terms of aesthetics Samples in Digital and then in reality. 

During the process of verification of Order Confirmations of production, in the days after the order is on the portal, Giraudo Mobili checks the correctness of the prices of the products. 

If, because of the rare mistakes or problems, the price quoted is lower than the correct selling price, Giraudo Mobili reserves the right to bear the difference or, if not possible, contact the customer to verify if still want to buy the product correct price (otherwise the order will not be accepted and any sums paid refunded obviously). 

All manufacturers, suppliers of  Giraudo Mobili continuously working for the improvement of our products, thus reserving the right to make technical and dimensional changes without prior warning in the event that these changes do not significantly alter the aesthetic content of the products and their use / ergonomics. 

Giraudo Mobili reserves the right to make changes to the names of certain products or parts of them in order to comply with any agreements with producers. 

On some products presented without the publication of the trademark production can be applied to product labels that bear different names from those published by Giraudo Mobili: 

these variations can not be assumed in any way to terminate the contract for "non-compliance" because the "product name" can not be considered a fundamental element of the value offered to the consumer by the product itself. 

Any delay in delivery of less than 30 (thirty) days shall not entitle the customer to refuse delivery of the products, or to claim damages or compensation of any kind. Giraudo Mobili S.A.S. has the right to make delivery of products (even on the same order) in successive deliveries without prejudice, in this case, one charged to the customer in respect of costs of transport. 

Conditions and terms of delivery must be agreed between the Customer and Giraudo Mobili s.a. s and accepted in writing by Giraudo Mobili s.a.s .


Giraudo Mobili provides its customers the opportunity to book a Free consultation for the design of their environment .. 

Giraudo Mobili remember, proper measurement is the basis for the design of the new kitchen or other rooms. 

It will be exclusive responsibility and liability of the customer to carry out a proper survey of the measures, which will be based on the design provided free of charge by Giraudo Mobili. Therefore, in case such measures, data or information is not correct, Giraudo Mobili will not be in any way held responsible for any consequences resulting from non-related and correctness / accuracy of the measurements / data / information provided by the customer.


The service relief measures for kitchens is a service provided for a fee only in the geographical areas mentioned in the paragraph "Book an Appointment". 

The above Service Survey provides a measurement of the room in which the customer intends to mount the kitchen by skilled operators. 

For proper Relief Measures Kitchen, the customer will have to find comprehensive local, finished (flooring, cladding, etc.) and mackerel (furniture and other large items). 

The Cost of Service Survey, non-refundable in any case, once executed, must be requested via email at 

The costs for the service of relief are charged to the customer and appropriately highlighted in the Purchase Order and in the subsequent Order Confirmation.

The Service of Installation Kitchens is a service to payment the customer can directly request at time of booking the service free advice, as indicated in art. 10 above. 

L 'implementation of the Service Assembly Kitchens will be made by Giraudo Mobili only after the conduct of the service relief measures kitchens, as indicated in art. 11 above.
The cost of mounting service can be requested by email at

If the customer wishes to cancel their order, will proceed with the cancellation within 24 (twenty four) hours from payment, at no additional cost. In this case Giraudo Mobili will refund the customer the full amount paid by bank or PayPall. 

In case of cancellation later than 24 (twenty four) hours, Giraudo Mobili will refund the customer the amount paid deducted the costs of delivery, using the same method as above.

If the customer is a "Consumer" as defined in Article 3 of the Consumer Code, the competing rights referred to in ar. 52 et seq. of the Consumer Code, as amended by Legislative Decree n.21 of 02/21/2014, and therefore the right to terminate the Purchase Agreement for any reason, without explanation and without penalty, in the manner set out below. 

The withdrawal will be subject to all (Total Withdrawal) or only partly (Partial Withdrawal) of the Consumer Products asquistati. The period of withdrawal shall expire after fourteen (14) days from the date on which the consumer or a third than the carrier and indicated by the consumer acquires physical possession of / in the Products / o. 

The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending - before the expiry of the period of withdrawal as indicated above - a notice of cancellation by registered mail w / return receipt addressed to:

Giraudo Pietro Mobili S.A.S.
Via Genova n ° 2
12100 Cuneo (CN).

The Withdrawal Notice, alternatively, can be sent to - within the same period of withdrawal indicated above - also by e-mail at the following address: The Withdrawal Notice shall specify the intention to withdraw from the purchase and the product or products for which it intends to exercise the right. 

To facilitate the exercise of the right of withdrawal, Giraudo Furniture provides its consumers a special form to be used for the communication of withdrawal. Download the "Right of Withdrawal Form".
Following the proper exercise of the right of withdrawal, Giraudo Mobili will forward to the Consumer, by e-mail the number of Practice. 

This number must be indicated by the consumer at the time of return of / the Product / s. The Return of / the product / s must be made within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the consumer has communicated its decision to want to withdraw pursuant to art. 52 of the Consumer Code cited above. This stipulated period will be met if the consumer sends or return the / the product / the subject of withdrawal before the expiry of 14 days. 

Giraudo Mobili Consumers who reminds his transport costs relating to the Return of / the product / the subject of withdrawal shall be borne by the consumer and that the Restitution is under the full responsibility of the Consumer himself, therefore if the product / s not arrive damaged , the consumer will have to claim compensation for the transportation company to which it is assigned, it is advisable to insure the shipment. 

Giraudo Mobili also points to its Consumers, first of Restitution, check that the / the product / the subject of withdrawal is / are intact / s in normal condition, possibly on / in the original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and ancillary documentation) .. 

The consumer, in accordance with the legislation in force, shall only be liable for any diminished value of / the product / s resulting from the handling of / the same / different from the one needed to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the / i Product / i. 

Once the product is back in our possession, if they meet the requirements necessary to exercise this right, Giraudo Mobili will refund to the consumer the full amount paid, excluding shipping delivery within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of / the product / the subject of withdrawal.

Exclusion from the Right of withdrawal
The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal for contracts for the provision of any non-prefabricated product, but on the basis of an individual's choice of the consumer, finishing, color, size (the actual wording of the law states that the right of withdrawal is not exercisable for "goods made to measure or clearly personalized") of the products listed in this catalog fall into this category, for further information please contact Customer Service. 

The right of withdrawal can not be exercised by the customer in the event that the purchased products have been used (or damaged etc.) by the customer. The Right of Withdrawal also does not apply to the customer that purchases for purposes related to their employment (eg .: instrumental use, resale, etc..) And who therefore communicate Giraudo Mobili in their VAT number. 

The right of withdrawal is finally ruled in the case of purchase of packaged products, whose original packaging has been tampered with or damaged by the customer.

a) Consumer Legal guarantee for the customer
The Consumer Customer, as defined in art. 3 of the Consumer Code, is entitled to avail himself of the legal guarantee provided by the Consumer Code itself. This warranty provides, inter alia, that the consumer, subject to revocation, to denounce  Giraudo Mobili any lack of conformity found in the product purchased by the consumer within two (2) months after the discovery. 

The faults or damage (eg scratches, dents, etc.) shall be communicated to Giraudo Mobili within 8 (eight) days from delivery. Following this complaint, the Consumer shall be entitled to require repair or replacement of the Product, without prejudice to any other rights provided by law in favor of the consumer. 

By virtue of the legal guarantee of the above, Giraudo Mobili is liable for any lack of conformity which becomes apparent within two (2) years from delivery of the Product. Beyond this period, Giraudo Mobili, therefore, not be liable for faults found by the Consumer. 

In case of replacement or repair of the Product, the terms of the warranty on the product given in place of or resulting from the repair, are the same as the original product. Therefore, the total duration of the two-year legal guarantee, however, commence the delivery of the original product. To obtain Warranty recommend the consumer to produce the proof of purchase.

Are excluded from the statutory warranty damage caused by improper use of / the product / products or by improper or inaccurate assembly by the customer.

b) Guarantee the customer does not lawful for Consumer (Professional)
The Client Practitioner, as defined in art. 3 of the Consumer Code, is entitled to avail himself of the legal guarantee provided for in the Civil Code. This warranty provides, among other things, the Customer Consumer, under penalty of forfeiture, to denounce Giraudo Mobili any lack of conformity found in the product purchased within 8 (eight) days of discovery. 

Legal Warranty The above is valid for a maximum period of twelve (12) months from delivery of the Product. Beyond this period, Giraudo Mobili, therefore, not be liable for faults found by the Client Consumer. To obtain Warranty recommend the customer to show the document of purchase.